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Nisshin Toda :

Nishin Toda is the abbot of the Buddhist Onjuin temple near Tokyo. As head-priest (denshi) Nisshin Toda is empowered to educate teachers of Aragyo (a way of religious austerities). Aragyo consists of an annual retreat, which takes place during 100 days, from November 1 till February 10. During this period the practitioners conduct a ritual which involves pouring ice water over themselves seven times a day. Shochuzan Onjuin is the only temple in Japan, where Aragyo is practiced and taught.

Drumming group “Sakura No Ki Taiko” with Liliana Bulic:

Liliana Bulic
was born in Belgrade, Serbia. She is educated in classical ballet, modern dance, jazz dance and step dance, Indian dance (Orrissi), Tai Chi, tabla, sitar, bongo, conga, and piano. Since 2003 she visited taiko workshops with Peter „Su“ Markus and other renown taiko teachers in Europe. Later she was taught in Japan by famous Taiko drummers and groups, including Masaaki Kurumaya, Katsuji Kondo (Ondekoza), and Gocoo. In 2005 she founded her own taiko group “Sakura No Ki Taiko“ in Frankfurt-on-Main. She leads workshops in Germany and Switzerland.

Sakura No Ki Taiko performs pieces from popular Shinto-ist heritage and from the many village celebrations in Japan as well as modern rhythms. It is not only the beat of the drums but also the power, energy, and the harmonic movements of the performers which create a strong impression. The group every year opens the world’s biggest Japanese film festival called “Nipponconnection”, which takes place in Frankfurt-on-Main during the cherry blossom season. Sakura No Ki Taiko is the first Taiko group in Germany, organizing and offering open workshops for drummers from all over Europe. The group has brought such guest teachers from Japan as Tanaka Noboru, Hiroshi Motofuji of O-Edo Sukeroku and Gocoo.

Tejo Janssen:

After graduating as a social worker, Tejo Janssen began his dance career at the dance academy of Tilburg, Netherlands. His first performances where held in Japan where he studied Japanese dance and theatre from 1983 until 1985. In Japan he worked with Kazuo Ohno, Tatsumi Hijikata and Min Tanaka. Also he founded the butoh info forum with L. Welzin. He lives in Amsterdam and Stuttgart as a freelance dancer-teacher-choreographer.

“Evening Performance: „MA - Meteor Amalgam“
The universe throws its comets into rising and descending and we humans are holding onto their tails. Man will resurrect and disappear again as a fool. On earth he feels like a god, but the stone is dear to his heart or grows in his belly until it explodes or dissolves into dust. Eventually new forces are rising in the intimate space called “MA”.
“Even in the cocoon of a mummy I can feel how thoughts, pictures and ideas transform into movements and dust of dreams.” A little homage to Artaud, Hijikata, Ohno and Vasalis.