Setsuko Yamada Drucken

Setsuko Yamada, whose dance work originated in the practice of Butoh, studied at Akira Kasai’s Butoh laboratory, Tenshi-kan. From 1977, she has presented many performances not only in Japan but also in Europe, Canada, USA, and Korea. With her delicate form and the centripetal force of movement, and her genuine attitude towards her work, she is now receiving recognition as one of the leading dancers, creating new and unique performances. Setsuko Yamada also creates and choreographs works for her dance company Biwakei, founded in 1990. These works include Dance no Hatsumei (Dance Inventions, 1998), Tobu-Musume (2002), Kimyo-na Kodoku (Strange Solitude, 2005), Futari-Ite (2008). In addition to performing her own new works, she continues to work on choreography, international exchange, workshops and collaborations with a variety of artists.


Monday, October 26, 10am – 4pm

Finding Body

During the workshop, based in breathing method and physical training, one explores his or her own body and also the bodies of others, and moves through improvised dancing.


Saturday, October 24, 8pm
“Wearing Rose Pink“

This solo dance was inspired by “Christina’s World”, a painting by Andrew Wyeth. A woman wearing a rose-colored dress is seated. Time trembles. The future flows into the past and the past begins to live new time again.