Tetsuya Fukushima and Gioh Ohuchi Drucken

Tetsuya Fukushima

Mr. Fukushima initiated his Iai-do training in June 1969 and has, up to the present date, learned and trained in Musou Shindenryu, the mainstream of Japanese Iai-do.

As a student, Mr. Fukushima joined a students’ society to study and research Noh, and became a disciple of Master Shiro Nomura, a Noh performer. After graduating at Chuo University, Mr. Fukushima and several other graduates of Chuo University created a Noh club called “Hakama no kai”.  Since 1969, he manages the annual performance of a special dedication activity at the Nohgakudo (Noh theatre) of Yasukuni Shrine during the New Year Holiday season.

In September 1995, Mr. Fukushima accepted the invitation from the Japan America Society of Chicago, and performed Iai-do as an introduction to Japanese traditional culture and has also delivered a lecture titled “Wind and I”. In December 1997, Mr. Fukushima participated in the cultural exchange event called “West meets East”. He appeared on stage in a work entitled “The Saxophone and the Sword” with the late Franz Jackson, the mogul of the Chicago jazz scene, where the two artists performed a collaboration of Iai-do and saxophone, and utai (recitation in Noh) and clarinet.
Currently, Mr. Fukushima is an independent business-consultant and describes his job as “Samurai Business”.

Gioh Ohuchi
Mr. Ohuchi graduated from Rissho University in 1970 with a degree in philosophy.  In 1979, Mr. Ohuchi became a priest at Nichiren-shu Zensyouji temple, and in 1991 he became chief priest of  Daijyoji temple.
Since entering the Buddhist priesthood, Mr. Ohuchi has trained in Shomyo (Buddhist chanting).  He is currently active casino as a Shomyoshi (master of Shomyo), duly certified by Nichiren-shu
Since 1976, Mr. Ohuchi has learned and trained the Musou Shindenryu, the mainstream of Japanese Iai-do. Since 1986, he became a disciple of Noh-master Shigeyoshi Mori and other important masters.


Tuesday, October 27, 10am – 4pm

Iai-do – the Art of the Sword

This workshop will give an opportunity to become acquainted with the basics of the Japanese “Art of Drawing the Sword”. Starting with simple actions like the conscious way of standing, walking and sitting, the workshop will lead the participants to a first contact with sword movements.


Sunday, October25, 8pm
"The Flower, the Heart, and the Sword – HANA – KOKORO – TSURUGI”

This evening provides introduction to the samurai arts of ancient Japan. Hidden in the sword’s edge are the warmth of the heart and the flower of the artist.