Ingo Taleb Rashid Drucken

Mr. Rashid is stage director and choreographer, founder and manager of El Haddawi, School for Dance-Theatre and Bodywork, and is of Iraqi origin. He earned an M.A. from the University of Munich with studies in theatre, politics and journalism.

He is founder of Movement Concept, a bodywork system which has been influenced by long-time studies of the following fields: modern dance, traditional forms of movement and meditation from the Middle East, theatre studies, classical Japanese martial arts, Butoh dance, Noh theatre, Feldenkrais, Capoeira, classical ballet, Stanislawski drama method, and stuntman training.

He has lived in Japan and Brazil to study martial arts and local culture. Since 1993 he has cooperated repeatedly with Kazuo and Yoshito Ohno. He choreographed, among other works, the musical "Peace Child", one of the first theatre productions in Israel in which Jewish and Arab children performed together.

Other productions include "Danse Macabre", "Warrior Soul", "L’Amour Nomade", "Badehausträume". Performances in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Bosnia, Uzbekistan, USA.

Additional Movement Concept master classes with Ingo Taleb Rashid:
From Saturday, October 24, till Tuesday, October 27,  from 4:30 pm till 6 pm.


Wednesday, October 28, 10am – 5pm
The Dancing Warriors

The movement workshop “The Dancing Warriors” is the result of a dancer’s artistic and dramaturgic confrontation with Bushido – the code of honour of the Japanese warrior – and the physical/spiritual exploration which it inspired.

What importance could the ethos of a Samurai have in the modern world? Is it possible to grow along the path of a “peaceful warrior”? Could we feel the power, loyalty, chivalry and determination of the warrior within ourselves?

What are the dark sides of a warrior?  What is the body of a warrior, what is the body of a dancer? Where do they become one? Where is the real battlefield? Inside or outside?
In the workshop we will use elements of dance, martial arts and meditation to work on the archetype of the warrior. The participants will get a taste of the beauty and efficiency of the martial arts and their connection to dance. As the warrior soul archetype exists in all people, regardless of age, sex or physical ability, it will be accessible to men and women alike and people of all ages and body types.

Part of the workshop will include choreographic and dramaturgic elements of the dance-theatre piece “Warrior Soul – the Call of the Ancestors”, created by Ingo Taleb Rashid.
At the end of the festival we will present the results of the workshop in a dance-theatre laboratory performance.


Wednesday, October 28, 8pm

“Warrior Soul – the Call of the Ancestors”


Dance: Ingo Taleb Rashid, Henriette Preinhelter and workshop participants

Music: Ulrike Sievers, Andreas Reuchlein

In “Warrior Soul”, an old man relives important stations of his life. As a young samurai he dreamt of honour and heroism. He trusted in the power of the sword. As he gets older and matures, he encounters challenges beyond the battlefield – struggles of love, passion and his spirituality. Now the warrior encounters the real battlefield inside of himself. His inner struggles finally lead him to peace and compassion. The heart replaces the blade.